Mr Lucky

Trentbridge Tales – Book 1


Detective James Sheldon thought he had a perfect life. But, in an instant, everything was taken away from him. Eighteen months later, he is begging for loose change on the streets, homeless, and contemplating ending it all.

Then in a strange twist, he wins a record-breaking 168 million on Lotto. But what should be a life-changing dream becomes a nightmare. Suddenly James finds himself thrust into a dangerous game where not only must he do battle with drug dealers and influential underworld figures out to destroy him, he still has to face his inner demons.

Totally unpredictable! Not your usual crime novel plot. Perfect for readers who enjoy a story with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster. Be prepared to have the coffee on at midnight to keep you awake until you finish the last chapter.

What Readers Say About Mr Lucky

–“This is a fantastic read. It really moved me from the start with the scene about the homeless man. I would highly recommend it.”

–“Once you start reading, you won’t want to stop until you finish. It’s got a strong narrative drive as we learn how the paths of homeless man and a major drug dealer cross thanks to $100M lottery win. The characters are well drawn and believable.”

–“Most of us have fantasised at some point in our life about what we would do if we won a lottery. Lee Wood provides us with a surprising yet believable scenario set in suburban UK and featuring contemporary social issues including drugs, prostitution, corruption, homelessness and the plight of the working class.”


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