Mr Lucky

Trentbridge Tales – Book 1

You’re Homeless and win £168 Million on Lotto – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Detective James Sheldon thought he had everything. He loved his tough and demanding job. He had a beautiful wife and two incredible kids. But, in an instant, everything was taken away from him. He never recovered after finding out his family was killed in a horrific hit and run.

Eighteen months later, James is begging for loose change on the corner, homeless, and contemplating ending it all. But, his best friend pulls him back from the brink. He shows Sheldon that there might still be a life worth living.

Then in a strange twist, he wins the lotto. £168 million would make just about anyone’s life better. But, the money only manages to make things worse for former detective James Sheldon. His best friend, the one that saved him, is missing—and a vengeful drug dealer is stalking James.

What should be a life-changing win, instead leads James into a dangerous game where he must not only do battle with drug dealers and powerful underworld figures, but he must also fight his own demons.

Is there still enough dignity left in James Sheldon to defeat his enemies or will he succumb to the twin temptations of alcohol and gambling to numb his pain?

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