By lee wood

Mr Lucky

British Crime Novel

A single instant shattered Detective James Sheldon’s perfect life. Eighteen months later, he is begging for loose change on the streets, and contemplating suicide.
In a strange twist of fate, he wins a record-breaking 168 million lottery. But what should be a life-changing dream becomes a heart-pumping nightmare. 

Best Selling Author

Lee Wood

Before semi-retiring and turning to write novels, Lee had a varied career. He spent more than 20 years working in the music industry. Everything from playing in bands as a teenager to running an indie record label and record shop during the punk rock era to starting a music collector’s magazine and building it from zero to a circulation of 14,000 copies a month.

He’s met virtually every top ‘pop star’ and achieved one of his lifetime ambitions when he became manager of The Troggs, one of his all-time favourite bands from his teens.

He wrote a best-selling book on the Sex Pistols in 1988, which was published by Omnibus Press and thanks to their well-oiled publicity machine sold a respectable 60,000 copies. It was also published in Japan – in Japanese!

He has lived in Cambridge for most of his life and looks at writing as a new adventure. He still finds time to play the guitar (Fender Stratocaster)

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Lucky Break

When Peter Winston-Moore discovers a genuine Picasso in a junk shop, he can’t believe his luck.

It sells for $5.4 million at Sotheby’s. Now he keeps finding valuable items, which doesn’t go unnoticed by his competitors. Three of them become curious about his secret source and decide to follow him with disastrous consequences.

Dead Lucky

The drug addicts are causing havoc for the police and the community and making the centre of Trentbridge a no-go zone. It’s all down to a new illegal substance called ‘Monkey Dust’ that is far more powerful than Heroin, yet sells for a fraction of the price.

Thank Your Lucky Stars

When identical twins Erica and Leona Mitten emerge as the stars of a reality TV show they think their dreams have come true.
Then they are seized by a masked gang and their family receive a phone call. But the kidnappers don’t want money. The ransom demand is for something far worse and the deadline is 48 hours
“The most terrifying kidnap plot you will ever read”

Coming Soon!

BAvailable March, 2022

Lucky To Be Dead

British Crime Fiction

Details to be announced